Payroll Process

Utilizing third party payroll services for professional level workers has become an integral part of an effective contingent workforce strategy. “ COOL CAREERS IT “ Payroll Services can help administer payroll for any temporary position to save the administrative cost of adding to the payroll headcount while removing administration headaches enable a streamlined process.


  • Reduced costs associated with employment administration (workers’ compensation, unemployment, etc.), while retaining the skills and expertise that a a fresh talent brings to an organization.
  • Identify and then evaluate new employees on the job, prior to a full-time hiring decision.
  • Mitigate risk associated with independent contractors, part-time employees and internship programs.
  • Downsize full-time head counts, while still retaining talent; continue to pay benefits to retirees without carrying additional head count.
  • Staff for project/contract-based work, utilizing experts such as former employees, consultants or specialists.


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