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When did you last measure the business impact of your technology investments?

Managing costs effectively can only take your business so far. What your enterprise really needs is accelerated growth. Whether it’s entering new markets, introducing innovative new products, or initiating transformational process changes, you need to aggressively unlock the key value levers of your business. Very powerful waves of change are creating new opportunities. The advent of the digital consumer, smarter organizations simplifying their operations, and the emergence of the Cloud, are some significant examples.

Interestingly, IT is inextricably linked to these emerging trends driving business growth. However, there is merit in exercising caution here. Often technology investments do not deliver the business returns that enterprises expect. For too long, enterprises like yours have not been able to understand the true business impact of software implementations, technology purchases and consulting. Business value is rarely ever defined and even when it is, it overlaps across programs and is viewed differently by the critical stakeholders.

What We Love To Do

When it comes to managing your IT workforce, we offer services that can scale according to your needs. COOL CAREERS IT provides technical and functional staff augmentation and direct placement services, as well as full management of outsourced projects, and technical education services.

Our services are segmented to focus on distinct aspects of technology including: business & technology consulting, business process outsourcing, verification & validation, infrastructure management, application development and management, enterprise application solutions.

As a result, we provide a diverse offering that does not sacrifice the specialized technical expertise required to deliver high-performance results.



COOL CAREERS​ IT, a global consulting and IT services provider, is laser-focused on delivering actual business value. If you have ever struggled to justify ROI or to define and track real business outcomes, rest assured that we are built from the ground up to solve that for you. Whether it’s a typical ‘business-as-usual’ engagement or handling your largest, most complex projects, "COOL CAREERS IT" helps you derive the measurable business value that you have always been looking for from business and IT investments.

We deliver measurable business value in 3 ways

Business Transformation

Consulting-led approach to identify critical shareholder-value levers and drive growth through tightly linking business consulting with enterprise solution delivery.

Accelerating Innovation

Powerful research arm that can be leveraged as a co-creation engine to harness opportunities created by emerging business trends

Efficient Operations

Proven best-practice approach to efficiently run small or large portions of your business and free up resources for transformation and innovation-led growth projects.


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